7 great reasons to buy a new construction Lake Las Vegas home.

When can getting your new home keys open the door to extraordinary possibilities? When you buy a new construction Lake Las Vegas home.

Of course, anytime you purchase a home it is “new to you,” but buying a new construction  Lake Las Vegas home gives you flexibility and possibilities that a resale home just can’t match. These broader horizons are a big part of the appeal, but there are also some additional benefits that might surprise you. Let’s take a look at just a few great reasons below.

1. Home construction customization options

When you buy a new construction home, it literally puts you on the ground floor of your customization options. It’s your chance to create living spaces that more closely dovetail with your lifestyle. Want an additional bonus room or loft for house guests? A lot of floor plans will allow you a reasonable amount on floorplan flexibility. Even better, your options are wide open when it comes to the home’s interior finishes like counter tops, flooring and cabinetry. Based on timing of purchase, you might even be able to choose the home lot you want. The best part is being able to achieve these desires without the cost and time liviing within the walls of a resale home remodel project.

new construction lake las vegas home model

2. Energy saving building practices and green appliance technologies

Whether you’re Earth-conscious or budget-conscious (or both!), purchasing a new Lake Las Vegas home has appealing benefits. Buying a brand new home often means a residence with higher-efficiency insulation, better window technologies and energy-efficient appliances and HVAC units. Together, this translates to lower utility bills for homeowners. What’s more, it happens from day one, without the cost and hassle of upgrades and remodeling that owners of resale homes would have to do in order to achieve the same savings.

3. Fewer or no repairs at all

If you’ve owned an older home (or know someone who has), you’re familiar with the repair list that often comes along with it. Purchasing a new construction Lake Las Vegas home will spare you the time and expense of a litany of repairs. New plumbing, new appliances, new flooring – it all adds up to years and years of carefree living.

4. Decreased home maintenance requirements

New construction homes are often the reflection of trends. One such trend that is making its way to the top is hassle-free living. That means new construction brings you everything from exterior trim that doesn’t need painting to low-effort landscaping and all kinds of maintenance-free innovations in between. Today’s homeowners are busier than ever, so homes are being built to minimize time spent on repair and upkeep.

5. Longer term, better coverage home warranty offerings

No home will ever be 100% maintenance-free. But a variety of new construction homes for sale in Lake Las Vegas come with an impressive builder warranty that guarantees their craftsmanship for a certain amount of time. So unlike an older home, if your roof starts leaking a month after your purchase, you can count on a new home warranty (if the builder provides one) that covers the cost of repair.

6. More concessions at the closing table

New home builders tend to offer more and creative incentives to buyers. Unlike individual sellers who are emotionally attached to their homes and, as a result, less likely to make decisions based on financial facts. Home builders are business people and they want to move product – period. That can work to your advantage. Always be sure to press the builder for upgrades and deals when you sit down to negotiate. An experienced real estate broker can help you achieve optimal results.

7. Competitive home buyer financing programs

Building new constrcuction homes is big business, which means a lot of companies have the leverage to create special financing packages that many buyers find appealing. In fact, a lot of the bigger builders even have mortgage companies of their own, which gives them the flexibility to offer points, closing costs, or even a buy-down to a better rate.

Don’t go it alone, professional buyer representation can make all the difference

In the market for a new Lake Las Vegas home purchase? Then consider what new construction home buying can do for you. You can enjoy all of these benefits – and more!  To make sure that you leverage all the mirage of benefits available in a new home purchase, seek professional buyer representation. Call us today to schedule a private consultation to learn more about the exciting new home opportunities here at Lake Las Vegas.