Ready to elevate your new home’s interior? Say hello to Elements Design & Decor

ACD Properties is pleased to offer our clientele with professional interior design services and decor from Elements Design & Decor, our very own in-house interior design and home furnishings firm.  Elements Design & Decor specializes in complete interior design services, coupled with the exciting opportunity to give clients the ability to purchase unique home furnishings from world-renowned furniture makers and home accessory suppliers.

Take advantage of full access previews and purchasing power to a vast collection of over 3,700 brands of furniture, home decor and gift accessories.

Design finishes & furnishings

Having worked for a variety of custom and luxury home builders over the years staging, designing and marketing these magnificent builds – we’ve learned a thing or two about the feels and finishes that discerning buyers seek the most.

We provide first class interior design services to buyers and sellers in the resale home market. This unique service helps sellers to maximize their home’s selling price while escalating the buyer’s resale home purchase experience even further.

All together now

The way we see it, if you’re buying or selling property, one simple call to your real estate advisor is the only call you should ever have to make – no matter what course your lifestyle journey has taken. It’s for this reason that ACD Properties offers a variety of expanded services in addition to exceptional real estate representation.

  • Interior design services
  • Remodel assistance
  • Complete build-outs
  • Custom lot development

Exclusive shopping experiences at the Las Vegas World Market Center

Finding the perfect home furnishings to express your sense of style and charm has never been easier. We’ll help you infuse your personality throughout your new space with vibrant home décor and gift resources not available to the general public.

  • Access to exclusive decor and furnishings
  • Take advantage of aggressive pricing due to Elements Design & Decor preferred buying power
  • A unique home furnishing shopping and design experience
  • Total pricing transparency with no surprises, ever

We’ll make your dream home interior a reality

Shabby chic, classic, refined rustic, old world charm, contemporary and more… no matter what design style you favor, we can make it happen.  We’ve spent years organizing a dynamic cross-category offering of home interior goods and services that will help you customize your new home’s interior and exterior living spaces.

Our “Dream Home Design” packages provide a perfect, hassle free way to infuse your personality into your new living space. Enjoy hand curated color pallets, tantalizing textures, furnishings and accessories to suit your taste and your budget.

Home decor to die for – how it began

Realizing that there was no way for discerning home-buyers and sellers to access the unique, trend-setting design and decor collections that the professional interior design industry does is what encouraged us to launch the Elements Design & Decor experience. Not only do we offer superior interior design services, we take it a step further, providing clients with personalized shopping experiences at the famed Las Vegas World Market Center. Clients can preview new-to-market trends, access on-the-spot pricing and order information – while taking in endless amounts of inspiration on how to furnish their new home or redesign project.

Let’s get started…

Complete the “Request a Consultation” form or call us direct at 702.318.7195 today. We look forward to helping you design the home interior or exterior you have always dreamed of!