Professional tips to selling your Lake Las Vegas home for more during the holidays.

Unless you are immersed within the real estate industry night and day like myself, chances are, December is not the first month to come to mind when considering listing and selling your Lake Las Vegas home. Contrary to popular belief, the holidays can be a great time to list!

To list or not to list your home during the holidays

Examining real estate market conditions such as; available inventory, average closing timelines and more can help to determine if selling your Lake Las Vegas home is right for you.

If home inventory is low and current home sale timelines show a less than 60-day close pattern, this is a positive market condition for the home seller. When home inventory is low it can also drive a home’s selling price higher.

Waiting to list your home in the spring could mean selling your Lake Las Vegas Home at a lower price point

Often times, home sellers think of waiting until spring to experience what they assume to be the optimal home selling season. Redfin conducted an interesting study that showed Las Vegas homes sold in the early months of spring actually garnered an overall lower selling price than Las Vegas home sold in December and January.

If homes were sitting on the market for more than 60 days, it would be safer to wait until spring to list, when a larger buyer pool will emerge.

Questions to answer to before selling your Lake Las Vegas home during the holidays

  •  What is the current average home sale closing timeline?
  • How many homes are for sale within my community?
  • Am I prepared to accept an offer and move out within a short closing window?

selling your lake las vegas home in December

Pros to selling your Lake Las Vegas home during the holiday season

Homebuyers who are actively viewing homes during the holiday months are serious, with intent buyers. For example, executives and professionals experiencing job relocation are great homebuyer profiles. Chances are high that they have done relocation already, so we would be working with a more experienced buyer. Experienced buyers are better-prepared and typically willing to work through any challenges that arise during the transaction process. Investors on tax deadlines and retirees looking to relocate to warmer climates and escape the winter blues are also popular homebuyers looking for Lake Las Vegas homes for sale.

  • Low winter inventory can produce higher home selling prices
  • Holiday homebuyers are typically serious buyers with tighter timelines in mind
  • Winter homebuyers are more often a “need to” buyer instead of a “want to” buyer

Cons to selling your Lake Las Vegas home during the holiday season

The biggest issue I encounter when selling homes during the holiday season is for the seller to manage through the inconvenience of showings – amidst the flurry of holiday festivities.

Home sellers need to be willing to work with their sales agent to determine as large of a showing timeline window as they can agree to. Limiting the showing times and days will hurt the sell ability of the home.

Menorahs, Three Wise Men, Nativity Scenes oh my…
Keep the religious décor stored when listing your home during the holiday season

Décor can also present a challenge when selling your Lake Las Vegas home during the holidays. A home seller should be open to the idea of keeping the holiday décor as neutral as possible. Homebuyers can have a challenging time looking past religious bearing effects in particular. It is also beneficial to minimize the amount of personal effects on display. Personalized effects on display in a home make it hard for homebuyers to visualize enjoying the space or making it their own.

Instead, focus on placing décor throughout the home to enhance the home’s best attributes. A plate of holiday treats on the kitchen counter, a stack of firewood next to the hearth, scented candles; seasonal greenery and winter flowers are great (décor neutral) ways to make a home feel festive.

selling your lake las vegas home holiday scene

The holiday season is NOT the time to test the market

Winter is not the time to test the market and list your home price high. If selling intent is not of true importance to you, you are better off waiting until spring to list your home for sale.

If you list your house too high when it first hits the market and it doesn’t sell, you may need to drop below market value to nab a buyer. Especially before a flood of new properties appear in the spring to compete with you. This approach can also make your home look stale to the new spring market shoppers.

Concessions to consider before listing your Lake Las Vegas home for sale during the holidays

  • Be willing to neutralize and minimize the holiday décor on display
  • Be willing to allow showings without issue during predetermined days and timelines
  • Be willing to list your home at a comparable home sale pricing strategy

Selling your home for top dollar requires having a clear understanding of the variables that can affect the final outcome – no matter what time of year. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza to you, listing your Lake Las Vegas home for sale during the holidays is an achievable goal with quality representation.

I live, work and play within the vibrant Lake Las Vegas community. If you are considering the sell or purchase of a property, I welcome the opportunity to assist. Feel free to contact me anytime at 702.318.7195 to schedule a private consultation.